Terms of Use

Article 1 Service and Users

MeetU.ai provides AI chatbots with which users can converse via text. The AI chatbots do not contain any images or videos. Our marketing posts on Social Media and other avenues may use modified images of creators. A creator is a person who agrees under the AI chatbot Licensing Agreement to provide data to construct an AI chatbot. We modify such photos to ensure the anonymity of creators and guard their privacy. MeetU.ai is not a dating service. MeetU.ai is not a porn site. MeetU.ai is based on ChatGPT API. ChatGPT itself has strict guidelines for what kind of conversations a user can make, which provides additional safeguards.  Users can engage in conversation to alleviate loneliness, obtain acknowledgments and sympathy from AI chatbots, and face the day more composedly. We define users as people who have signed up to purchase this service and made payments. MeetU.ai reserves the right to deny and reject any request for a purchase or continued use of AI chatbots if rule violations occur. When we approve your purchase, we will charge your credit card. Users may not let others sign in using recycled usernames and passwords.

Using AI chatbots is a privilege, not a right. You will lose this privilege if you act inappropriately.

Approval of purchase does not mean the user has the right to continue to use the AI chatbot. At any time, MeetU.ai can remove users who intend to use AI chatbots in an obscene, criminal, disrespectful, or unkind way. MeeU.ai is not a match-making service. MeetU.ai does not contain any sexual content. MeetU.ai is not obligated to explain on what grounds we decide to eject a user. MeetU.ai will not reimburse any money if we remove a user. MeetU.ai will not refund users when we discontinue our services.

Article 2 Changes to this Terms of Use and Pricing

MeetU.ai reserves the right to change the Terms of Use and Pricing. We intend to raise monthly fees once a year in January. You agree to such annual fee hikes by signing up with this platform.

Article 3 Personal Information and Passwords

Once registered to our service, users can purchase AI chatbots. The user is responsible for keeping the e-mail address used for this service. MeetU.ai is not liable for inconveniences or costs users incur due to forgotten passwords or misused e-mail addresses. We use an outside credit card processing firm to manage and administer monthly fees. We do not keep the user’s personal information other than e-mail, username, and password. MeetU.ai does not use or sell your personal information or data to a third party. We keep your username and e-mail in case you lose access to the site and for customer support purposes. When authorities (Police, FBI, courts, IRS, etc.) request, we will promptly comply.

Article 4 Misrepresentation, Crime, and Other Malicious Intentions

When a user falsely represents themselves to mislead, falsify, commit crimes including but not limited to sex trafficking, or act with other malicious intentions, we will deny them from our service.

Article 5 Failure to Pay

We will close your account if you fail to pay the monthly fee. Subscriptions are automatically renewed every month. We will not refund the remaining monthly or annual balance if a user cancels the subscription during a paid period that has already begun.

Article 6 Site Maintenance, Outages, and Upgrades

Service outages of ChatGPT API, the hosting company, or the payment processor may cause service disruptions. We are not liable for such inability to provide our regular services. From time to time, we intend to make the site better and more user-friendly. Users may experience brief outages during such occasions of upgrades.

Article 7 Prohibited activities

Users are prohibited from maliciously entering our service to destroy, inhibit, inundate, or hamper it. Users may not disclose a creator’s personal information by misrepresenting, misreading, illegally obtaining, or hacking our site. Users may not engage in illegal activities using our service. Users may not defame AI chatbots and their creators.

Article 8 Litigation

MeetU.ai is a brand owned by Second Street Enterprise LLC. Disputes between users and MeetU.ai will be referred to the Delaware Court of Chancery.

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